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Cape Town News 2022

Outsourcing company a tour side  |  01/2022

A bit different from what we know in Europe, here in South Africa you need to rent all furniture and dishes and decoration. The locations just give their spaces. That comes to an advantage as you can decide your personal styling into each little bit.

So companies as Urban Tonic are important and I had a fantastic meeting with the coordination director last week. It is not only about renting out furniture, but you also can rent a whole bar with bartenders and all is in their hand. So staffing and also management coordination between event manager and location manager are taken care of. Every detail is in good and experted hands and the event goes smoothly as you wish it to be. I am very happy about this new team working.

Sunny greetings from Cape Town, Britta, Creative Wedding
Very emotional marriage officer in out team  |  12/2021

In Cape Town wedding preparations are proceeding.

I had a very interesting and happy meeting with our marriage officer Pat Boucher. He is active and very deep into emotions that are important for a wedding. He underlines to meet the couple in person or if far away at least in Zoom calls. Only this allows him to understand the fully meaning of a wedding for this special couple and leads him to work on a very emotional and deepening wedding ceremony. Patrick is very open and is always laughing and spreading out his good humour. So weddings with him are inspiring and refreshing.

Be honoured to get married by him.

Sunny greetings from Cape Town, Britta, Creative Wedding
Lovely photographer in our team  |  11/2021

Actually I am back in a very relaxed Cape Town. And of course intensly checking new contacts for my south african wedding team.

Already we have a marriage officer and some nice locations. Now we also have a nice and very talented photographer on board. She is italian, but lives and works in Cape Town. She is a passionate photographer and captures people in a hearty and very relaxed way. Perfect for my brides to come. How did I met her ?

By coincidence when last time I flew home to Milan and talked to her mother who also was flying back to Italy. When we spoke about my job, most clear that I wanted to know her daughter. And here we are, welcoming Alice into our south african wedding team !

Sunny greetings from Cape Town, Britta, Creative Wedding
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